Our Factories

This factory was established in 2010 aiming to develop the stone processing industry.

Facilitating the international trade affairs, development of the local market, research and development, involvement in architectural activities, training, and collaborating in stone industry research projects with other practitioners are the missions of this group in addition to producing stones.

The production line of Soroush Stone processes different sizes of stone tiles in dimensions of 30×30 to 80×80 centimeters, as well as granite slabs in dimensions of up to 2.80×1.80 centimeters.

A variety of regular and bespoke finishes, such as bush hammered, flamed, leathered, and cut broken finishes are applied to stone surfaces in Soroush Stone, which is a remarkable advantage.

Engraving and tooling are the other operations of the Soroush Stone Factory that add to the attractiveness of the natural stones.

The Architectural Department of Soroush Stone has been established to ensure the proper use of granite stones in buildings, and promote stone applications in the construction industry.

Shafagh Factory

Shafagh Stone Processing Factory was established in 2013 in order to complete the supply chain of Shafagh Group. The goal of this factory is to produce export-quality granite stones targeting Turkey, Central Asia, and Persian Gulf Countries markets.

The factory is capable of producing 90,000 m2 of black and white granite stones per annum

Sadran Stone Factory

Sadran Stone Factory was established in 2012 as a subsidiary of Lagohar Quarry aiming to produce black granite stones. The factory processes and produces more than 90,000 m2 of stones in a year.

Black granite is known as an authentic and popular construction stone used in a large number of corporate buildings across Iran. Considering the increasing demand for black granite in the international markets, most of the stones produced by this factory are exported.