Have you ever thought that how nature can be oppressed against human? Can you perceive the positive points about corona? In your opinion to what extent our stone world can treat itself?

Coronavirus; threat or opportunity?!

Corona this uninvited guest which has afflicted us badly has also positive points.

All of us know that during Earth lifetime everybody:

Has exploited the Earth as far as she/he could.

Has sucked its sap and has thrown its dross away.

But nature has showed its anger a little. It has objected a little and has demanded its right. It may be interesting to you to know that these days so many problems which worried us in nature are resolving.

Earth, this oppressed stone planet, shows another face of itself now. Maybe corona be a warning alarm for officials and people all across the world. A serious alarm that if you don’t pay attention to it, it may bring dangers more than corona for us.

Maybe many of us be frightened of corona or maybe consider it as an enemy due to the death of our dears. But does corona really have any advantages? If we answer it no, we are a little unfair to it.

No doubt that all of us are in mourning of our fellowmen and dears death. But the purpose of corona was not only to put our dears to death.

This small virus has come to let us know that the Erath is tired and needs rest.

It has come to say that oh human isn’t it enough?

You planted and harvested as far as it was possible! You built as far as you could…wherever you liked…without considering the right of other living creatures.

You wasted and squandered as far as you could! You littered and polluted! You made smoke and sent it to the air!

If the Erath opens out its heart, it has many complaints of selfish human…

Quarantine, an opportunity for our stone world rebreathing

Corona has come to say that oh human did you see that it’s your fault? Did you see that the Earth was able to restore its ability only during this short period of quarantine which is still less than 2 months?

Isn’t it a good news? Our stone world has rejuvenated itself 30 years during the countries lockdown! Is there any more pleasant event than this for the Earth?

Greenhouse gases, nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide have been reduced rapidly.

Ozone Layer has a suitable opportunity to restore the damages which have been imposed to it during billion years and also to be revitalized and be ready to vitalize creatures again.

Rivers were free from trash and pollution during this period. Because human has not had time to do this.

Human does not fire grasslands and forests anymore.

Fossil fuels consumption reduced so much and the air becomes better every day.

Plants and wildlife were revitalized. Despite every year that different species destroyed or extinct due to humans’ inattention, now they are fresher and more fertile this year.

Birds which select their path freely these days

Defenseless wildlife whose birds are now flying in the sky safely.

Whose dolphins dare to swim in Venice waters and make citizen pleasured.

Whose hogs have returned to their habitats in rosaries and have founded their real environment again.

Whose whales have moved forward to Vancouver beaches and have reminded humans of that we have also right in this world.

Yay! Corona is not as bad as others say! It has operated well at least to support from Earth and its defenseless creatures against human.

Many of us have heard UNESCO warnings about earth warming and greenhouse gases extreme emission. According to this organization, a more dangerous virus than covid-19 virus is waiting for us.

When Icland glaciers melted and viruses released, maybe the lockdown won’t be effective anymore. Isn’t it time to distance from this hazardous life style?

Consequently, maybe corona be a warning to preserve from the environment which is going to protect us in itself for many years. During this gray period which we are forced to distance from nature it is good to think about nature which we are belonged to, to think about how to be kind to it after corona to not see its anger again?

A unified world against corona

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