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Soroush Factory

Soroush Stone Complex has been operated on 2010 in-order to develop granite stone processing. This complex has been established for international trading as well as local marketing, R&D, Architecture,  Training, cooperating in Research projects in stone industry with other stone producers.

In production department, the factory produces Granite TILE in different sizes from 30*30 to 80* and Granite Slab from 80.1*80.2.

Several kinds of finishing such as polished, hammered, bush-hammered, flamed, leathered, cut-broken, … and any ordered finishing by the clients are being performed in Soroush Factory.  Stone engraving is one of the other activities which give a unique appearance to the natural stone.

Soroush Architecture Department offers the best solutions for applying Granite Stone in the buildings and suggests innovative usage of stone in the stone industry.


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