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The first Natanz City Granite stone quarry has been established  and operated in 1992 by Mr. Hosseini and Mr. Alizadeh.

We are proud of producing and processing black and white granite and active in Iran Civil Industry.

Sustainable development, risk taking, innovating, quality and productivity have been the core and fundamental specification of Soroush Complex.

Now Soroush complex is one of the main producers of granite in Iran by the benefit of Lagohar and Shafagh Quarries, Sadran, Shafagh and Soroush factory by annual product of 200,000 MT granite block and more than 170,000 m2 processed stone.

Soroush Diary:

  • In 1992: Shafagh Quarry operated
  • In 1993: Shafagh Stone cooperative co. established
  • In 1996: Lagohar black granite quarry operated
  • In 2002: Soroush Stone Complex established
  • In 2012: Sadran Factory established
  • In 2014: Shafagh Factory operated
  • In 2016: Souran Brand created, all the activities concentrated under the name of Souran
  • In 2017: Winning the Best booth prize of nineth Tehran Stone Fair
  • In 2018: Winning the best article prize  in Stone Knowledge Magazine

We honored being:

  • Member of Iran Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of Isfahan Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of Natanz Quarries Committee
  • Member of Iran-Kazakistan Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of Iran-Italy Chamber of Commerce
  • Spencer of golder feather prize in tenth Iran Stone Fair


We offer beautiful and eternal soul of nature to the people of the world, and we always have in mind high quality.

Our Vision:

Being a reference of Iran Stone Industry.

Some services

Dipartment of Architectural Consultancy

Soroush Department of Architectural Consultancy offers practical and economical solutions according to the clients budget and tastes from the projects design to performance with the benefit of its professional team. Landscaping, design, interior design using Granite, choosing the best matching materials besides the granite stone according to the project are some of the services offer by Soroush Department of Architectural.Consultancy

Granite block



Stone Mosaic and curving are performed by advanced, full automatic and programmable machinery. This is one of the most powerful and delicate processes in Soroush Stone Complex.

It is worth mentioning the fact that our customers actually know about the precision and the delicacy in production of this unit and call it the miniatures of Soroush Stone Cutting Complex for we are able to produce final product that is not only strong and industrially qualified but also a piece of art that is delicate and artistically exquisite.


Finishing process

Presenting the beautiful visual effects of the stone, this natural treasure, different kinds of effects are needed which has been realized by creative technology in Soroush Complex.


کانتر تاپ

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