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In order to use stones in different spaces, it is necessary to make payments on its surface according to the space where the stone is to be used. Finishing is a part of the stone production process that gives the stone surface various shapes to prepare it for the intended use.
Natural stones have many uses and can give a different texture to the interior. Each stone has its own character and is used in different environments according to that character, see the preview of granite stone and different and beautiful finishes in the design section before ordering.
Every year, thousands of square meters of black granite in different sizes from 10x10 to 80x80 are produced using modern equipment in Soroush stone collection, which tries to meet the needs of customers in different sizes of slabs, tiles and also unusual sizes.

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I am very happy that I have been working with you for several years, your work commitment and responsibility, along with the products you offer to customers, have made the Soroush collection a priority for me.

Architect | M.H Bagheri

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Quality means creating a customer perspective in every aspect of a product from design to final recycling.

Thanks for gaining the trust of Soroush's good collection from customers and the cooperation of this collection regarding the work commitment to product quality and timely delivery of orders.

Engineer | Haniyeh Nikoosokhan

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Building view

Amount of area
2000 m
Muhamad Shahr, Tehran
Area usage
Facade | Floor | Stairs
Finishing types
Flamed & Epoxy | Cut Broken | Bush-Hammered

Interior view

Amount of area
800 m
Lavasanat, Tehran
Usage area
Interior view | Floor | Counter | Walls
Finishing types
Flamed & Epoxy | Cut Broken | Bush-Hammered

Facade (Building view)

Amount of area
4200 m
Elahiyeh, Tehran
Usage area
Facade | Floor | Interior
Finishing types
Flamed & Epoxy | Cut Broken | Oblique Cut

Floor view

Amount of area
1800 m
Ajodaniyeh, Tehran
Usage area
Facade | Stairs | Floor view
Finishing types
Irregular Cut | Cotton & Epoxy | Flamed