Souran Stone Quarry

Souran black granite quarry started to work in 2013. The factory produces 40,000 tons of granite stones per year. The black granite produced in Souran Quarry is among the finest granite stones in Iran.

Benefitting from state-of-art machinery and skilled workforce, Souran Granite Quarry has been able to increase productivity of the exploitation process remarkably, so that performance of this quarry is referred to as a successful exploitation management pattern.

Shafagh Quarry

Shafagh Quarries, the largest granite quarries in Natanz, were exploited in 1992 by Mr. Hosseini in partnership with Mr. Alizadeh.

Using the latest exploitation methods, the quarry is known as the most modern granite quarry in Iran with the capacity of producing 140,000 tons of black and white granite stones in a year.

Density 2/78
Water Absorption 0/16 Persent
Compression ( dry condition ) 1300 KG/cm2
Compression ( saturation condition ) 1260 KG/cm2
Hardness 6/5 - 6
Porosity Little