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Soroush Stone produces large quantities of black granite in different sizes, from 10*10 to 80*80 cm, every year through modern production mechanisms. Customers can order slabs and tiles of uncommon sizes.


Soroush Stone has advanced machinery and can produce up to 120,000 square meters of stone tiles every year in a variety of sizes, from 10*10 to 80*80 cm. Parallel production processes are implemented to offer a wide variety of finishes, including flamed, bush-hammered, cut broken, cotton, and scratched stones.


Soroush Stone produces large amounts of slabs using modern equipment every year. The slab department of the company offers black granite in slab sizes (and also in uncommon sizes). Soroush Stone is a major supplier of black granite slabs in Iran.


Nearly 50,000 tons of high-quality black granite are mined every year. The Lagohar Granite Mine has substantially enhanced productivity in the extraction of granite through advanced machinery and expert and skilled human resources.


Writings and portraits are inscribed on headstones across the world. It is important that headstones allow for carving. Souran black granite is an excellent headstone with good long-term weather resistance. It provides a bright, black surface for carving portraits or inscriptions. Soroush stone can carve a variety of designs on different types of headstones (for example, upright and flat) in light of efficient cutting and polishing equipment.


Cubic stones are popular for paving streets and pedestrian roads. Granite is the best type of stone to produce cubic shapes because it has excellent strength and durability, negligible permeability, good thermal resistance, and no lime content and can remain unchanged in shape and color over long periods. Cubic stones are divided into completely regular, and irregular shapes, depending on how many sides of the cube are cut (versus the broken sides). The tumbled cubic stone is an excellent Souran black granite product produced in a completely regular shape (with six cut sides) with a size of 10*10 cm and a thickness of 3 cm. Tumbling refers to rounding the sharp edges and corners of pieces of stone using erosive substances within rotating machines. This eliminates sharp edges and provides a more elegant appearance. Tumbled stones are used without finishes and have a more natural form. Therefore, such stones are the best alternative for paving gardens, parks, roads, and yards.


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Stones need finishes so that they could be used in various environments. Finishing is a part of stone production and enables different surfaces for different applications.

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