Black granite

black granite

Granite is an intrusive igneous rock with coarse-grained minerals, which are easily visible to the naked eye. Granite colors are normally pink, white, different grays, and black. However, some types of rocks supplied to the market as granites might be gabbro since to be considered granite, a rock must contain at least 20% quartz in its structure. Let’s see what an intrusive igneous rock contains:

This igneous rock is formed from solidified magma. It is quite different when compared to two other main types of rocks (sedimentary and metamorphic rocks).

An invasive granite refers to when melted rock cools while still inside the crust and is never expelled in the form of the melted rock. Gradual cooling of melted rock is essential for the formation of large crystals in a single mineral, which exists in granite. Over time, melted rock undergoes differential lithification or solidification, which is dependent on a chemical compound. Accordingly, it leads to the formation of various minerals in different periods of time and changes the produced granite. Thus, the size of the grains of granite depends on how quickly the rock cools. Extrusion rocks cool during volcanic eruptions and prevent the minerals from taking a direction and result in the creation of homogeneous cliffs without grains.

Black Granite Definition 

Black granite is also an intrusive igneous rock like others. Its black color is due to special chemical compounds. Constructors and decorators have always relied on the beauty, strength, and quality of black granite. However, its use in houses and residential buildings have been increased in the last decades.


Black Granite; Everlasting Beauty

If your priority is to purchase and use products compatible with the environment, you can put granite products at the top of your list with ease of mind. One of the reasons for this claim is the long durability of granite products. One of the best ways to minimize the negative impact of humans on the environment is to purchase fewer accessories. Considering that various types of granite such as black granite are quite hard and strong, in case one day you decided to use them to decorate a part of your house, bear in mind that this rock can be used again in other parts of the building.

Providing different granite accessories is a type of long-term investment. Since once you purchased them, besides their mesmerizing beauty you will not need to purchase any other product. Let’s see what this unique rock is and what are its properties.

Granite is a highly durable and beautiful matter. Black granite is a natural rock that will never go out of fashion on account of its unending beauty. Black granite is like a lustrous treasure at the bottom of the ocean, dazzling and astonishing. The granite rock is strong, and its various types can be used for the interior and exterior design of buildings. Black granite turns your construction into a stable, beautiful, and timeless building.

Black Granite; Lustrous and Ever-Lasting Treasure

Natural rock is one of the most beautiful construction materials that can be used in the interior and exterior facades of buildings. Black granite is one of the most popular natural rocks used by homeowners all around the world. Among numerous types of granite rock, on account of its natural beauty and elegance black granite is the leading type. This granite is known for its characteristics such as strength, durability, and beauty, which are unique among natural rocks. In addition, there are numerous options such as a broad spectrum of patterns and colors to select an exquisite granite rock.


Rising and Salient Use of Granite

Constructors and decorators have always made use of the beauty, strength, and quality of black granite. Moreover, the popularity of its use in houses and residential buildings have been increased in the last decades. From Egyptian pyramids to the floor covering of modern commercial buildings, structures made from granite are glamorous and indestructible.

The density and durability of granite made it resistant to damage and abrasion wear since it contains minerals such as quartz, mica, and feldspars. Granite has a lustrous and crystal-like surface under natural and artificial light.

In Iran, there are numerous granite mineral reserves in different colors. Granite rocks have always been used in Iran by the constructors and designers since the old times.

One of the rich and high-quality granite reserves in the country is Karkas mountain, Natanz. Due to its innate excellence and processing quality, Soran black granite became quite popular among buyers.

Granite Rock, Ideal Accessory for All Times

Black granite is one of the hardest construction materials in the world. It has been used in building construction for thousands of years. A natural rock that is formed under the ground due to the intense pressure and heat. It is one of the most common and popular rocks that can be used for various purposes such as facade and floor covering of buildings, sculptures, fireplaces, floor tiles, countertops in the kitchen, etc.

When placed in a space illuminated by sunlight, the smoothly polished surface of black granite reflects a special luster and creates a sense of splendor and glory in the environment. This rock is a multifaceted choice to make enchanting tables and other accessories related to building architecture and urban architecture. Characteristics of black granite are equal and sometimes even better than other types of granites. This rock is resistant to water, hard climate, and heat. It requires minimum maintenance and to clean it you only need water and soap.

natanz granite

Black Granite and Building Exterior Facade 

The strength and durability of black granite make it a great choice for the exterior facade. This natural rock is resistant to heat and cold and makes the exterior walls look resplendent and exquisite, as well as strong and hard. Large slabs of black granite enable the creation of a consistent surface with never-ending glamor on the facade of every structure. The beauty of granite is affected by the methods used for its extraction, processing, and polishing. This rock is available in thousands of colors and consistencies. granite preserves its color and design for a considerable period of time. Thus, it can give you an ever-lasting facade.

Black Granite and Dream Kitchen

The majority of house owners use black granite, especially in the kitchen, due to its salient appearance. Even if you are renovating your kitchen, black granite can give your kitchen a new look. The black color gives a splendid and bold air to every kitchen. Granite tables with white or gold strands are truly splendid in comparison to classic and fully-white tables. Another major reason to use granite in renovation is that it can be used in harmony with other decoration elements such as floor covering, cardboards, and sink regardless of their color and texture. This type of rock goes together well with a broad spectrum of decoration styles such as traditional, contemporary, modern, classical, etc. The unique characteristic of black is that it can be used in combination with other colors. Black makes other colors used in the design of the kitchen or other parts of the house more prominent. Accordingly, if in combination with white or bright-colored cardboards and kitchen islands, black granite displays a stunner and elegant contrast. In case you have decided to change the decoration of some parts of your kitchen, black granite is a great option as a cover for various areas.

Black Granite and Enchanting and Strong Wallcovering 

Black granite is an innovative option for wallcovering since its beauty increases in the presence of sunlight. In addition, it is a better choice than other rocks since its quality does not decrease, and it remains strong and resistant under the sunlight, in presence of dust, and when exposed to water and humidity on rainy days.

Black Granite for Luxurious Bathrooms

Black granite is the best option for toilets and bathrooms on account of its unique properties. In addition, adds a glamorous and luxurious ambiance to the interior space of the bathroom. It is resistant to water, heat, and humidity. Black granite can be used on the protruded parts of walls such as columns in a bathroom or the wall behind the douche or bathtub.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Black Granite

Advantages of Black Granite

  • Beauty, luster, and elegance

Black granite is a truly splendid and beautiful natural rock that gives a considerably magnificent elegance to the decoration of your house.

  • Harmony

The black color can be used in combination with every other color, and as a result, black granite can be used in harmony with every color of cardboard or wall.

  • Stain-Resistant

One of the major advantages of black granite is its stain resistance. If the rock is properly sealed, it will be highly resistant to staining. On account of this crucial advantage, black granite is an excellent choice for kitchen islands or countertops.

  • Resistance to Heat Tensions

Black granite is resistant to heat tensions, cold, and severe cold in totally different climates, prolonged cold spells, and every weather condition.

  • Strength (Durability)

Black granite enjoys high compressive strength and is suitable for heavy loading. Given that, it is a safe construction material to use in designing. It helps you make sure that you have used highly durable materials.

  • Antibacterial Properties and Hygienic Advantages

On account of its inconsiderable porosity and permeability, Black granite (especially Soran black granite with a porosity of 0.16%) is not a suitable place for dirt and decayable matters. They remain on the surface and are easily washed. In addition, you can use various types of chemical detergents (as opposed to a majority of rocks) and you shall have no concerns regarding cleaning and hygienic issues.

Disadvantages of Black Granite

  • Price

Similar to every other natural rock, black granite has its own prices due to the difficulty of extraction and processing. Black granite is a rare rock and quite costly. Various factors affect the price of rock such as dimensions and the amount of rock used by the employer, etc. However, we claim that purchasing black granite for floor covering and the stone exterior facade is an invaluable and win-win investment. When you purchase black granite, you receive a product that will grant you a lifetime gift of beauty, strength, and quality and you will not need to purchase any other accessory.

  • The invisibility of Dark Colors

Dark and black colors are more prone to display fingerprints and dust. You only need to clean your black granite and cleaning every surface in the house from time to time is quite normal.


Why Granite Colors Range from White to Black

The granites enjoy a broad spectrum of colors from white to black and pink. What distinguishes a type of rock? Here we learn about the reason for the special colors of granites. Their mineralogy and origin. You can be an armature geologist, a curious person, or just looking for new granite counters. Regardless of your reason, you will be amazed by the wide range of granite types.

What Determines the Color of Granite?

Granite rock is a combination of minerals and rocks. To begin with, quartz, feldspars potassium, mica, amphibole, and other minerals. Normally, granite contains 20-60 quartz, 10-65 feldspars, and 5-15 mica (biotite or muscovite). The different colors of granite are due to the minerals that we can see in various types of granites.
The general relation of minerals with different colors in granites is mostly due to the main origin of the magma, which was cooled and formed the granite. The abundance of feldspars potassium in the melted rock leads to a distinctive pink color. On the other hand, the abundance of quartz or minerals forming amphibole in the melted rock might result in granite with black and white spots that you might have seen on counters.

natanz black granite

Modern Equipment and Latest Knowledge to Manufacture High-Quality Granite Rock 

In Soroush Rock Complex, we use high-quality black granite in the production line.

What distinguishes us from our colleagues is the use of modern equipment with state-of-the-art technology in the production line (from quarry to factory).

We carry out multi-level quality control during the process and various stages of production of black granite.

We implement leading-edge techniques in regard to processing, designing, polishing, embossing, as well as making innovative patterns on black granites.

In Soroush Rock Complex, you can see the consistent development of technologies in construction and production.

Systematically upgrading the quality of products is among the main goals of Soroush Rock.

We develop the production capacity of our factory in accordance with the leading-edge technologies in the field of processing rocks.

One of the greatest objectives of the Soroush Rock factory is considering the level of knowledge and specialty of its personnel. We emphasize the professional growth of our specialists.

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Why Soroush Rock Factory Is A Trustworthy Reference for Granite Buyers?

  • Advanced and State-of-the-Art Production Line

We have a large production capacity that guarantees our products using leading-edge machinery, as well as on-time and high-quality production. Upon employing proficient specialists and modern equipment in the production line of this complex, we carry out all stages of extracting, processing, and polishing.

  • High-quality Granite Quarries

Currently, the granite rock manufactured in Soroush Rock Factory is extracted from Shafagh and Laghar quarries. We manufacture approximately 10,000 m2 granite per month, which is distributed to the majority of other suppliers all around the country by Soroush Rock Company.

  • Granite Rock Preparation

We use the leading-edge technologies together with standard tools to manufacture high-quality rocks ready for easy installation. Modern and leading-edge equipment cut rocks at accurate thickness and dimensions with minimum tolerance. This equipment provided us with the opportunity to take large orders (maintaining quality), as well as orders at different mass, peculiar shapes, slabs, and bars.

  • Product Quality Control at Soroush Rock Factory

To ensure the excellent quality of products in Soroush Complex, a process quality-control system is established at all work stations, which along with the final product control gained the satisfaction of our clients in regard to the quality of the delivered products. We value retaining our meticulous clients over the quantitative development of the market.

  • Precise and Safe Packaging

In Soroush Rock Complex, the packaging is carried out per the standard methods in appropriate boxes, pallets, or other methods. This process includes conducting proper wrapping and strapping, which guarantees the intact transportation of the rock until delivered to the destination and the employer.

  • ·        Sustainable Development

Achieving sustainable development is one of the main values of our complex. In light of that, we have made every effort to observe environment protection standards and cause minimum damage to the water and soil resources, wildlife, plant species, farming, and the life of the local residents. For us, sustainable development is only possible when we appreciate nature in the same manner that it provides us with its gifts.

Our sales experts in Soroush Rock Factory will gladly assist esteemed employers to choose and purchase various types of granite rocks, especially Soran black granite. Besides, they can provide you with proper help to have a memorable and exciting purchase based on their experience and creative ideas regarding the use of granite rock in different parts of the decoration of residential, trade, business, etc. buildings.



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